29 March 2007


Pattern: Child's First Sock in Shell Pattern from Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush
Yarn: Shelridge Farm Soft Touch Heather in Highland Mist
Needles: Size 0 DPNs
Mods: Nothing really except some gauge fudging. The pattern is for women's US shoe size 6.5 -7.5. I am an 8. With size 0 needles, my gauge was still off, but it worked out that it was off by just enough to fit my feet.
I love the pattern and love the yarn!

26 March 2007

Creative interpretations

I started the throw this weekend. To start it, the pattern said to knit a 20x10 rectangle in stockinette and then pick up stitches around the 3 non-live sides and start knitting in the round. Aha! I thought to myself, wouldn't it make more sense and be prettier if I did a provisional caston and would therefore have 2 live sides of the rectangle to start with?

The answer is yes.
I am proud of realizing that. I am less proud of the fact that missed something else in the pattern. While it is not really problematic, it is less aesthetically pleasing. Can you see it?

Yes, mine has no decorative holes radiating out from the center to the corners. I automatically started twisting the made stitches so as not to make holes without thinking about it. Then I looked at the picture and wondered why mine wasn't making holes. Oh yeah. Right. I'm too committed to the throw to start over now (I cut the yarn umbilici already). This is why I shouldn't watch tv and knit at the same time.

23 March 2007

What is better than a package full of yarn?

Swish. Thump. The lovely sound of a package being delivered. I knew without checking that it was for me because I had ordered the KnitPicks Mix and Mingle kit last weekend. I was right!

Yes, I decided to knit the throw for my friend who is getting married in July. Purple is her absolute favorite color, which is why I chose the "jewel" kit. Look at these babies sparkle:

I am deliciously excited to start (we'll see how I feel in a few months about this project).

17 March 2007

Snow day

Here are some views from my window when I got up this morning.
Unfortunately, that is not my driveway that's been plowed, but the neighbor's. I hope mine will get done soon.
Still, it is views like that that make me glad that I can just stay inside and cast on for sock number two (just finished the first one last night).
You may recognize the sock yarn is one of my purchases from Rhinebeck and the pattern is the "Child's First Sock in Shell Pattern" from Nancy Bush's Knitting Vintage Socks.
I love this pattern! I looks awesome in the in the blue yarn.

My other foot is jealous (and cold) so I'm off to start sock #2.

10 March 2007

Gift ideas

My friend A and I ditched our kids and were sitting in a coffee shop knitting today after a trip to Webs in which we bravely did not purchase anything (though there was some serious yarn fondling). A was telling me about an afghan she and a bunch of others are knitting for a friend who is getting married this summer. Suddenly I remembered that a good friend of mine is also getting married in July. Sadly I can't go to the wedding (it's a destination wedding in Turkey). However, I'd love to knit the happy couple a gift. An afghan or throw appeals to me, except that 1) they are large and I grow bored easily and 2) while I like the idea of an afghan made of squares, the thought of all that seaming and end weaving in makes me ill.

I found this Square Up the Circle throw pattern on KnitPicks.

First of all, I like the pattern. It is knit in the round so no seaming. Also, it is made using a "Mix and Mingle" kit, which is 7 different yarns in coordinating colors. I'm thinking I won't be as bored if I get to change the color AND yarn every few rows. Has anyone knit using this kit? If so, would you recommend it? Or are there any other afghan or throw patterns you'd recommend?

06 March 2007

Still knitting along

My parents were visiting this weekend and I realized it was time for a Misty Garden knit-along update. My mom is winning the race so far (not that we're really racing). It turns out that I am a much tighter knitter than she is. In retrospect, I probably ought to be knitting with a size larger needles. My scarf is the one on the right.

I was asked recently about the Knitting Workshop DVD I got for my birthday. I have watched it in its entirety now. To answer the Crocheter's question, I would say that the book is stand alone and if you were only to get one, the book is the better choice if you wish to get more information about knitting. The DVD, however, does clarify skills explained in the book. I would not rely on it alone as it is an amateur filming effort and sometimes the camera does not follow or focus on Elizabeth's hands quickly enough so that things are missed. I highly recommend the DVD though for the experience of watching EZ in her element. I learned a lot from watching it, but when it comes time to knit a yoke sweater, I will turn to the book first. I hope that answers your question!