19 September 2007

New Projects

Yawn. I should be at my knitting group now, but things conspired against me tonight. I could go now for the last hour, but I'm feeling too lazy. But not too lazy to write about my newest projects!

First of all, I realized that all I had on the sticks were sweaters for Owen and David. Nothing for me. That's just wrong! I had been promising myself I could start a sweater for me that I've had the yarn for since last February (a birthday present from Mom) as soon as I finished enough projects. This is what I am knitting:

It's the Sirdar denim chunky sweater. I've been lusting after it for a while, especially after Ms. Bestitched made a similar sweater a while back. I got some Valley Yarn Berkshire Bulky in "wine" for mine. So far I just have the bottom ribbing done so it's not exciting enough to photograph. I'm doing a huge modification of the pattern though: I'm doing it in the round (Annie, are you proud of me?).

If that wasn't enough to keep me busy, I cast on for an Elizabeth Zimmermann Tomten for Owen. This isn't just jacket, as it will double as a Halloween costume. I'm thinking just add ears and a tail and you have a black cat, right?

With any luck I'll make enough progress on these projects to have something worthy of a photograph soon.

10 September 2007

Italy and Wales Hybrid

What happens when you mix Tuscany yarn with Nancy Bush's Conwy pattern?

Nice, huh?
Pattern: Conwy by Nancy Bush in Knitting on the Road
Yarn: Lorna's Laces Tuscany (though when I think of Tuscany it's more orange and green)
Needles: Size 1 and 2 DPNS
The pattern only called for size 1 needles, but my feet are kind of on the wide side so I discovered after finishing the first one that I could use more room. For the second sock, I switched to size 2 at the foot. Perfect. Yes, I did go back to the first, ripped out the foot, and redid it.
Thoughts: Great pattern. Like I said before, I love the yarn and the color, but not the pooling. I would use Lorna's Laces again, but only in a solid color.

06 September 2007

Shout out to Annie

My friend Annie just started blogging! She is an awesome knitter. Check her out at Annie in the Round!

02 September 2007

Bring on scarf season!

Wow, I can't believe it is September already. This summer really sucked, that is until we found an apartment and moved. I am very happy to move on to Autumn -- especially if it means I can start wearing my latest finished project!

Remember this scarf I started last Christmas in a knit-along with my mom? Well, mom finished earlier this summer, but I had a nice car ride out to Boston this past week that allowed me to finally finish mine.

Project: Misty Garden scarf from Scarf Style
Yarn: Rowan Tapestry in Rustic (color #174)
Needles: size 6
Thoughts: Love it! The project only took 2 skeins though I had calculated I would need 3. I was thinking I could make a matching headband or something with the third skein.