30 January 2006

Quickie project

One of my husband's professors very sweetly sent us a baby gift. He and his wife also had a baby boy in December. We thought it would be nice to reciprocate with a knit gift. I originally thought of knitting a sweater for the baby, but then I thought "who am I kidding?". Instead I used some of the left over blue cable cotton yarn I used to make the baby cardigan to make a baby hat. I did get a skein of light blue just to make it more interesting, but otherwise I kept it extremely simple. The hat is blocking now and will be all ready for tomorrow when classes start.

I've only made a little bit of progress on the blue hat made from the Christmas yarn. The light is crappy here today, but I took a picture anyway so you can get an idea of how beautiful this yarn looks as it is knit up. I promise to have better pictures later.

It's not just my baby who is making progress slow; there are also some other babies on the way for whom secret projects are being knit....

22 January 2006

more baby cuteness

I hope you all aren't getting sick of baby pictures, but I received another package of adorable knit gifts yesterday that I have to show off. My friend Bia, who taught me to knit, made the Baby Surprise Jacket and set for little Owen. Now Bia does not have a blog, yet, so I will try to describe the jacket. It is a design by Elizabeth Zimmerman and it is knit in one piece so there are no seams except along the shoulders. I did see this jacket when it was finished except for the seaming and it was this odd shape that miraculously turned into a little jacket when it was folded a certain way. Hence the "Surprise". I hope Bia will correct me if I've described any of this incorrectly.

15 January 2006

Cute as a button!

Remember the blue cardigan I knit for the baby last Fall that I held off getting buttons until I knew the baby's gender? Well, now that my boy is here, it was time to finish it. I found the cutest little Peter Rabbit buttons that worked perfectly with the cardigan.

Owen wore his cardigan out the other day for his first walk. It's still a bit big for him, but he still looked quite cute.

In other knitting news, I cast on for a hat with that blue yarn I got for Christmas. I'll take a picture once I have more progress to show.

05 January 2006


Ooh, ooh, ooh! My husband just went to get the mail and came running back in holding a package. We both held our breath in eager anticipation as I tore the packaging open to reveal:

Diana did not disappoint! She made Owen the cutest little squirrel sweater! The sweater is gorgeous and Diana did an incredible job with the intarsia. And, damn, she knit this up very quickly. I know she didn't start it until after Owen was born and he is 3 weeks old today.
Owen can't wait to wear it (he has to grow a bit more first).