16 April 2007

Aran update

It's been a while since I've discussed the aran. I'm still working away at it, although there are now lots of other projects that have been distracting me.
I've finished 5.5 pattern repeats. I had calculated that I needed to do 10 repeats, but after putting it up to one of Dave's favorite sweaters, I think I'll only need 8 or 9. Hmmm, better go check those calculations again...
And for those of you who have been burning to know whether I converted to being a chart-reader or stubbornly stuck to my written out pattern, well, I am now reading off of the chart. I don't feel it is entirely accurate to say I am a chart reader now since my switch to the chart coincided with my near-memorization of the pattern. I only glance at the chart now from time to time for reassurance. I will definitely chart out my next complicated cable design to see how quickly I can read and memorize off a chart for real.