27 December 2007


Christmas was good. Owen got a big red barn and has barely moved from it since.

David, of course, got a handknit aran sweater.

Yarn: Times Remembered Inverness 50/50, purchased at Rhinebeck in 2006
Pattern: My own. I selected the cable patterns from The Harmony Guide to Aran and Fair Isle Knitting and I followed Elizabeth Zimmermann's EPS system.
Needles: US 4 & 6
Very handsome, huh? I'm just so happy it fits. I did have to make one post-gifting fix, which was to make the neck a bit longer. Luckily I had those tiny bits of yarn left.

I did finish the second stocking on Christmas Eve as well. Same yarn and pattern as the other one.

And here is my loot: beautiful lace yarn purchased by my mom at Rhinebeck from the Briar Rose tent. I'm very excited to knit with this. I just have to find the perfect shawl pattern for my first foray into lace knitting.

24 December 2007

Free at last

Hey! It's not even 9 pm on Christmas Eve and I'm finished with the aran for David!!!!!! Here it is all ready to be wrapped up. More pictures in better light soon!

And this is the yarn I had left over: less than half an ounce.
Kind of scary. I'm lucky (for many reasons) that David didn't grow a beer gut since buying the yarn.

Merry Christmas!

23 December 2007

Last minute FO

I was feeling very guilty that I didn't have a stocking for my boy. My sister lent me a pattern for a stocking when she was here last weekend and thanks to some Cascade 220 in my stash, Owen now has a stocking!

Pattern: Mary Maxim #8399
Yarn: Cascade 220
Needles: size 7
Mods: None, except I didn't do the intarsia snowman and did my own color patterning.

Now, I hadn't made a stocking for Owen before because I have a stocking kit for him. The only problem is that it is a counted cross stitch kit. You see, before I was a knitter, my craft of choice was cross stitch. I did a beautiful stocking for David a few years back and, when I was pregnant with Owen, I had bought 2 more kits so we all could have matching stockings.

The problem that arose is that I just don't have the patience to cross stitch any more. In the same amount of time I could knit a stocking, for example, I probably could only cross stitch a 1 inch square with 6 color changes. Knitting is way more satisfying. Now if I can just finish a second knit stocking in the next 2 days so that I can have one too! Oh yeah, and seam that aran :)

16 December 2007


Look who turned 2 yesterday! Owen was very into the apple cupcakes with caramel frosting. Mmmmm

Speaking of 2, I finished one sleeve of the aran and have started the second. The front and back are finished and blocked. I think I can do it in 8 more days!