24 August 2006

For my baby

Look what I was able to knit up in 2 days! Yes, the long-awaited sweater for Owen.
Pattern: Bulky sweater from Knitting for Two
Yarn: Plymouth Encore Chunky in a blue and brown
Needles: size 11 got the correct gauge
Mods: The pattern sizes only went up to 6-12 months so I made it a bit bigger so it would be more of a 9 to 15 month size so Owen should be able to wear it for the entire winter.

This is the same sweater I made in June for a friend's baby. I originally wanted to make two identical blue sweaters, but baby Noah's took up more than its allotted yarn. I returned to the store I got the yarn at, but they didn't have any more blue so I got brown. I really like the brown stripe and the cuffs! Luckily I didn't make the stripe one row narrower because I had maybe half an inch of blue left when I bound off the second sleeve. Phew.

Here's Owen modeling the sweater:

Too cute! And here's an action shot:

Now to put it away until winter!

21 August 2006

T time

Here's the finished T shirt!

Pattern: Nothin' but a T shirt
Yarn: Tatamy tweed in loganberry (the leftovers from the baby wrap for LL)
Mods: Ugh. Got stitch gauge with size 6 needles, but didn't get row gauge. Didn't notice right away either. Sigh.

Thoughts: Kinda makes my shoulders look very broad. Maybe if I had used a contrast color for the neck and arm hems as
the pattern recommends it would be better, but I was using up yarn here and didn't want to get another skein. Definitely should not wear with a white bra. Unfortunately, that's all I can wear at the moment (ah, the joys of nursing bras). This was the least risque photo.
I don't think I would recommend doing this project with the Tatamy yarn. There is a heaviness to it that doesn't quite work as a T shirt.

16 August 2006

Babies and eBay

This past weekend the Longwool family were traveling in NY/NJ/RI visiting friends and family.
The first stop was the Bronx for a shower for 2 more pregnant friends. The owl washcloths were a big hit. We also got to meet Baby J (recipient of the pink and white striped hat and booties) and Baby N (recipient of the blue sweater) for the first time. As you can see, Owen is already into the ladies.

I had some nice knitting time in the car and am nearly finished the front of the Nothin' But a T-shirt. Pictures of a finished product soon I hope.

In case you're worried from the title that I sold my baby on eBay to fund my yarn habit, I didn't. But I did make a sale! Tomorrow I say goodbye to 10 skeins of the Tosca yarn (remember that yarn that turned out to be self-striping?) as it has found a new home. Yay! The winning bidder was very lucky in not having any competition so got a very good deal on the yarn. I'm a little annoyed at not making such a good deal. There were 3 watchers watching the yarn so I was hoping for a little last minute bidding war, but sadly all the watchers did was watch. Oh well. Still, I have plans for the money I made off the sale, but more on that later.

07 August 2006

Getting sick of owls

There they are: 6 owl washcloths all set and ready to keep babies both here and expected clean.

I did do a seventh one as well for Owen. He tried it out last night. The color difference is not a wet/dry thing, but rather a ran out of the blue so had to finish with periwinkle thing. Now, I did weigh a finished washcloth and it was 14 grams. I weighed how much of each color I had left and I had the most of the blue at 15 grams. Just enough for one more washcloth, thought I. Not so. I guess it is just one of those mysteries of knitting.

I have been knitting other things too. There is a completed back for the Nothing but a T-shirt. Maybe I'll have an finished t-shirt soon!