17 June 2007

Never ending throw

It's all about knitting the throw these days. I must get this project done and move on to smaller and more exciting knits! That being said, it has really only been the final stripe repeat (25 rows) that is killing me. Otherwise, as predicted, the yarn change every few rows kept my interest until now. Here's its current state. It will definitely be finished by the July 25th wedding.

More exciting to me right now is my CSA farm share this week. Check out the 3 quarts of strawberries we picked!
And look at my boy enjoying them. Mmmmm.

Oh, and can you believe that I still don't have an apartment? And our current apartment has already been rented. STRESSFUL!

06 June 2007

Socks for Dad

I actually finished these socks with plenty of time to spare since they are for my Dad for Father's Day.
Pattern: Lichen Ribbed socks from Nancy Bush's Knitting Vintage Socks
Yarn: Trekking XXL
Needles: size 0 DPNs
Mods: I got gauge with size 0, but had to increase the CO to 68 stitches since the pattern is written for women's size 8-9. Therefore I had to change the toe to a wide toe since the Star Toe was for 60 stitches only.
Thoughts: Loved the yarn! I find its striping more subtle than other striping sock yarns. I think my dad will be pleased with the manly ribbing pattern. The Welsh heel was interesting to knit. Not my favorite, but it's cool. I was pleased to try something new.

the Welsh heel

the wide toe

Now that the socks are out of the way, it's time to return to the throw. I'm at the stage now where it takes over 2 hours to complete a 4 row pattern repeat. Time to rent some DVDs and get cracking! The wedding is July 25th.

05 June 2007

A non-knitting rant

It's apartment hunting time again. My life seems to revolve around desperately pressing the reload button on my browser window to see if Craig's List has updated. I hate this. The rental market is insane right now. I've been attending open houses for apartments and having interviews with potential landlords. Does this seem crazy to anyone else? These are apartments! In the past, my apartment searches have consisted of checking ads, seeing many duds, seeing the perfect place, filling out a form, writing out a check, and moving in. Sure, there have been credit checks, etc, but now I'm in fierce competition with other apartment seekers, trying to stand out as exceptional in a field of would-be tenants. In this landlord's market, all the gems are being snatched up and I'm left considering things like this one:
$1012 / 2br - Great Aparmtenr with gym-poo-free cable-free internet

First of all, would it kill you to proofread your ad??? But a poo-free gym you say? I admit, I have standards about my gyms and being poo-free is one of them. I think I'll take it.

Come back tomorrow -- I may have a finished pair of socks to write about. That is, if I'm not ingratiating myself to landlords.