25 January 2008

Not my fault!

My friend J's due date has come and gone. With a rush of guilt I wondered if the baby was waiting for me to finish his Baby Surprise Jacket. It's cold out there! Anyway, I don't want to be blamed for an overdue baby so I quickly sewed up the seams, added a collar, and sewed on buttons. Phew. You can come now, little baby!

Pattern: Baby Surprise Jacket in Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitting Workshop
Yarn: Cleckheaton Country Naturals 8 ply in 1812 (3 balls) and 1825 (2 balls)
Needles: US 4
Mods: I added a collar

14 January 2008

Fun knits

The first finished project of the year are a pair of baby booties. These are for a friend's baby who was born on January 1. I haven't met the little guy yet, but I'm ready with a wee gift for when I do.
Pattern: Stay on Baby Booties in Falick and Nicholas's Knitting for Baby
Yarn: Valley Yarn Longmeadow
Needles: US 3

I've also started a pair of Anastasia socks for me. I'm using the Trekking XXL yarn I got for my birthday last year. I'd like to have them done in time for my birthday this year (2/7).
Another friend is having a baby boy this month. This is the friend who had the connections that allowed us to get our apartment after the huge struggle last summer so a special project was in order. I decided it was time to knit my first Baby Surprise Jacket. As you can see, I've finished the knitting, but haven't sewn the shoulder seams or added buttons yet as I'm having too much fun folding and unfolding this jacket. It's so cool how it works. The baby isn't born yet so I figure I have some more time to play with it before finishing.

03 January 2008

Another sweater

I feel like such a show off to report another finished sweater in just a week, but I must confess that this sweater has been 90% completed for a while, but I had to put it aside and concentrate solely on the aran in order to get it done for Christmas.

Here is the Sirdar Denim Chunky Sweater:

Pattern: Sirdar #8459 Denim Chunky Sweater
Yarn: Valley Yarns Berkshire Bulky, 8 balls
Needles: US 9 and 10.5
Mods: I modified the pattern to do it in the round. Let me tell you, after seaming the aran, having no seams to do on this sweater was a relief. I also added waist shaping.
Thoughts: It came out a bit longer than I would have liked, but it is a very warm sweater and I was very grateful for it warmth and length today as I ventured out in the freezing freezing cold to get food for my family and some yarn for me (the necessities of life, right?).

Here are pictures of me modeling it. Can you tell that I've also been working on a secret project?

Yes, I am pregnant again. Baby number 2 will be born in June.