31 October 2008

Halloween fun

Here are the boys in their costumes. It didn't occur to me that Owen's costume could be confused for a dragon costume until lots of people thought he was one. I guess now that I think about it, dragons and stegosauruses are similar looking. I guess it's the snout and fire breathing that give it away and that just wasn't part of the costume. Hey wait! And wings. Owen's costume did not have wings. Come on people, that's definitely a stegosaurus.

The night was a huge success: we paraded, trick-or-treated, and ate lots of candy. A big shout out to my mom for doing the sewing portions of Owen's costume. Some day I'll learn to use a sewing machine!

30 October 2008

Happy Halloween!

I'm happy to report that little Nathaniel is doing really well with his new sleep regimen. Consequently I have been getting more knitting time in and suddenly my Anne cardigan is finished! It's blocking now and I still need to get buttons so more about it once it is completely done.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm really tired of hearing about Joe the Plumber. However, this past weekend, while selecting a pumpkin from a local farm stand, we came across this guy. Too funny.

I'm so excited for Halloween. I just put the finishing touches on Owen's stegosaurus costume. Pictures soon!

22 October 2008

Yay Rhinebeck!

The weather was perfect. The trees were gorgeous. The yarns were tempting. The pumpkins were chucked. All in all, a very fun day!

Me with little Nat all decked out in knitwear (he was admired by many).

The gang. My dad (who took the photo) came for the first time this year.

Parading llamas.

The little guys wearing matching hats that Bia knit.

The eponymous blog sheep!
Christmas presents may or may not have been purchased here by my mom. I've already forgotten.

09 October 2008

My little pumpkin

Little Nathaniel turned 4 months old yesterday. Time is flying by. Thankfully we seem to be settling into something resembling a sleep routine now so most days I do get some knitting time in. I finished his Halloween knit the other day: the pumpkin hat. I do have a pumpkin costume I inherited from a friend, but I'm not sure if I'll force him into it on the day or not. But with the hat he'll definitely be in the Halloween spirit!

Pattern: My own though inspired by some Ravelry browsing. I did borrow someone's clever idea of putting purl stitches every 10 stitches to make the pumpkin ridged.
Yarn: Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece from the stash for the orange and leftover Valley Yarn Superwash in green from Owen's dinosaur hat.
Needles: US 5

I have finally started by Anne of Green Gables cardigan (I think I'll just refer to it as the "Anne cardigan" from here on out) though I don't have any pictures yet. It would be awesome if I could finish it before Rhinebeck, but my husband just sort of laughed when I asked if he could take all of next week off so I could knit.