30 August 2005

What's in your pocket?

I've been making some progress on the baby cardigan. Here is the left front panel. Now, I'm not quite certain what the baby will put in the pocket, but that's what the pattern called for. I was going to leave the pockets out, but I have never made pockets before and thought it would be good for me to learn. If anything, the pocket looks very cute.

This past weekend I was in the Poconos visiting some college friends. They used the opportunity to throw a surprise shower for me, which was so sweet. I just wanted to show off these awesome booties my friend Tracey knit for the baby.

****I just wanted to reiterate that we did NOT find out the sex of the baby. Girls can wear blue too!****

21 August 2005

Seed stitchin'

Now that my cardigan is finished it was time to start on the baby cardigan with the Cable Cotton yarn I bought a couple months ago. It's all about Seed Stitch with this cardigan, or Moss Stitch as Debbie Bliss likes to call it. Those Brits!

The progress isn't too exciting just now. That's the back the of the sweater. So tiny! Anyway, I thought you might be interested in some new loot I acquired on a recent trip to my LYS (you know, Webs).

This is Valley Yarns Sugarloaf. It's a Merino/Acrylic blend and it is soooo soft. This will be for a sweater for Dave. He chose the "Boyfriend Sweater" pattern from Hip to Knit for me to do. It has 2 rows of cables, which will be fun. But for now, I am working on the baby cardigan. The baby blanket is my background project for now since it gets repetitively boring after a few rows.

20 August 2005

Finished cardigan!

Hooray! We have cardigan completion! I am very pleased with how it turned out. The buttons look great with it.

Just use your imagination to see how it will fit once I don't have a pregnant belly in the way...

Pattern: "A Craving to Knit" from Yarn Girls' Guide to Simple Knits
slightly modified to add a couple of inches to the length

Yarn: Patons Leila

16 August 2005

Seams okay...

Gaaah! Will the seaming never end? I just want this cardigan to be finished. At least I finished attaching the shoulders of the sleeves. That was interesting... A little fudging was necessary, but I think it all came out well in the end. The sleeve length seems right too, which is a relief since I made it longer than the pattern said to.

I've also started work on the baby blanket with the Italian Baby Irrestringibile yarn my mom got for me. The pattern I am doing is the Ann Norling Feather and Fan (right side blankets in photo). The big question is: will I be able to finish this blanket before the baby is born? I'm using size 4 needles. It is very slow going.

11 August 2005

Happy stash

Hmmm.... what's kitty standing on to look out of the window?

It's a wicker chest from Pier One Imports. It's a nice looking cat perch, but what is inside is what is important.

That's right: my stash has a new happy home!

I'm also pleased to report that despite the heat, much progress has been made on the cardigan.

Yes, we have a second sleeve!!! Seaming to commence shortly. We may have a cardigan in the near future!

04 August 2005

Back in business

Greetings from Northampton! Yes, the move was successful. So far it seems like we only lost one glass. This week has been utter chaos. Here's a picture of the um, Box Room (okay, okay, eventually it will be a living room).

Actually, it looks a lot better now since my wonderful parents arrived on Tuesday to help us unpack and clean. Speaking of wonderful parents, mine just returned from a vacation in Italy. Look at what my mom got for me in Florence!

The woman at the yarn store assured her it was a large enough skein for a small baby blanket. So what did we do, but leave Dave and my dad behind and rush off to Webs! I found a nice pattern and got some needles and my mom found some beautiful yarn for a scarf for herself. I am blanking on the name, but it was similar to Manos del Uruguay (in both price and beauty).