21 August 2008

Another boy

I know of nine women in this town who got pregnant in the past year, including myself. Some found out the sex of their babies from the ultrasound and some waited to find out at the birth like myself. Well, all of us had boys, the last one arriving this past Saturday. There must be something in the water here!

Anyway, one of those boys is getting this hat and thumb-less mitten set.

Yarn: Cleckheaton Country 8 ply tweed (leftovers from the baby surprise jacket I did last winter for another one of those boys)
Pattern: I followed Ann Budd's recipe for the hat and just winged it with the mittens. They fit Nathaniel with room to grow so should be fine for this winter.
Needles: Size 5

13 August 2008

Baby bolero

Gah! Babies really suck up all free time. Here it is the middle of August and with no new finished knits to report. However, my mom recovered well from her carpal tunnel surgery and was able to finish the baby bolero she started last May. I believe the pattern is from Leigh Radford's One Skein and she used Blue Sky Alpaca organic cotton.

Here's little Nathaniel modeling:

And here is the bear my mom got to wear the bolero once Nathaniel grows out of it: