06 March 2007

Still knitting along

My parents were visiting this weekend and I realized it was time for a Misty Garden knit-along update. My mom is winning the race so far (not that we're really racing). It turns out that I am a much tighter knitter than she is. In retrospect, I probably ought to be knitting with a size larger needles. My scarf is the one on the right.

I was asked recently about the Knitting Workshop DVD I got for my birthday. I have watched it in its entirety now. To answer the Crocheter's question, I would say that the book is stand alone and if you were only to get one, the book is the better choice if you wish to get more information about knitting. The DVD, however, does clarify skills explained in the book. I would not rely on it alone as it is an amateur filming effort and sometimes the camera does not follow or focus on Elizabeth's hands quickly enough so that things are missed. I highly recommend the DVD though for the experience of watching EZ in her element. I learned a lot from watching it, but when it comes time to knit a yoke sweater, I will turn to the book first. I hope that answers your question!


At 4:41 PM, Blogger Amanda1 said...

I like both of your scarves. What fun to be able to knit with your Mom!


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