29 May 2007

Bears and Harlots

Just got my email reminder from Webs about the Yarn Harlot event tomorrow evening (as if I'd forget). Wow. 600 people. Wow. Makes me glad I live within walking distance to the Calvin. Should be pretty awesome. I think I may skip out on standing in line to have my book signed in person this time. Last year I just babbled uninspired things to Stephanie.

I wonder if this event will overshadow last week's surprise visitor to downtown Northampton: the bear. While I did not actually see this bear in person, I was walking downtown with Owen in the stroller at the time. When a policeman stopped to tell me that there was a bear on the next street, I booked it out of there. That bear must have been seriously lost and I wasn't about to tempt it with my tasty morsel of a baby.

Aside from taking my baby for walks in bear-infested downtowns, I have been knitting. Not much to show, but a did finish a sock tonight. I'm really liking the Trekking XXL. More on this once I finish its mate.


At 2:05 PM, Anonymous diana said...

Good lored -- bears?!?!?! Have fun at the Harlot reading


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