28 September 2006

On the picovoli bandwagon

Here is my finished picovoli!

Pattern: picovoli, size 32" bust (I was warned the yarn is stretchy)
Yarn: Interlacements Kansas
Needles: size 5

I really enjoyed this pattern (thanks, Grumperina). While I don't mind seaming as much as some people seem to, I have to say it was great to cast off and then be done right then and there. I think I'm going to knit that hoodie I've been talking about for a while next with Cascade 220 I have in my stash and now I want to knit it in the round. Woohoo!

Here are some pictures of me modeling it (got Dave to take a couple pictures this morning before he left, but didn't have time to dry my hair first).


At 3:40 PM, Blogger Giancarlo said...


At 11:21 PM, Blogger Emily said...

It looks great!

At 10:16 AM, Blogger Dearest Cupcake said...

Hott mama!

At 10:52 AM, Anonymous grumperina said...

Looking good!

At 12:17 PM, Anonymous diana said...


At 12:23 PM, Anonymous June said...

Very nice!

At 9:26 PM, Blogger Siobhlogger said...

That came out great! Great color!

At 9:55 AM, Blogger Jes said...

It looks great!


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