25 July 2006

Don't worry...

...I haven't forgotten how to knit or anything. It's just that I have nothing very exciting to write about. There are lots of potential projects lying around the apartment waiting to be made into something. And there is some more secret knitting going on (hey, if you're a slow knitter like me, Christmas knitting must start now).
I did start this Nothin' but a T Shirt with the leftover Tatamy Tweed yarn from the baby wrap sweater I made. I think it will work well with this project.

My friend Bia also brought me this lovely gift when she visited recently.

It's a skein Interlacements something (forget the name, but used to be Kansas). It's a linen/rayon mix. She was a making a picovoli out of the skein she got for herself. I think I'll make one too as I've been meaning to make one for a while now. I just have to wait until my size 5 circs get freed up before I can start it. They are currently be used for more owl washcloths. I decided that I needed to make one for all of my college friends, not just to two whose baby shower I'm going to. Luckily they are quick knits. I've done 4 so far and need 7.


At 1:00 PM, Anonymous diana said...

Hey I know that yarn ;)


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