28 June 2006

Smile for the camera! (aka baby torture)

So Owen woke up and as promised, here he is modeling the sweater.

For the first picture he put up with it.

And now he's starting to get pissed off. Come on, Mom, is like a billion degrees outside and here I am wearing a sweater that isn't even for me!

Anyway, as you can see, it is a bit big on him, which is good since he'll be growing a lot between now and sweater season. The size is supposed to be for 6-12 month olds. To be on the safe side I think I'll add a bit to the length --a half inch or so since I'd like him to be able to wear it all winter long.

Then today I went to Webs with my mom and bought buttons.

Unfortunately, I found out that while Webs does carry Encore in worsted weight, it does not carry it in the bulky. I need more yarn for Owen's sweater since the first took up more than its allotted 1.5 skeins. I hate it when sweaters are greedy like that. I'm thinking of getting a contrast color (red?) since I'm unlikely to find the same dye lot and doing a stripe and edging in the new color.


At 8:53 PM, Anonymous diana said...

Where's the picture of him screaming his head off ;)


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