06 July 2006

False starts

Not much to report on I'm afraid. While there has been knitting, there has been an equal amount of un-knitting. Ugh. The knitting gods have not been smiling on me this past week. I've restarted a sock three times now and my gauge still isn't right. I've also tried a couple of different things with the Tosca yarn, but it is not to be. I just don't like it as a sweater.

That being said, it is great yarn with beautiful, albeit striping, colors. I think it will become a lovely hat and scarf set instead. However, I do not need 20 skeins to make a hat and scarf. Would anyone like to buy 10 skeins of Lang Tosca for $30 (the sale price I got it at)?

The first person to respond who wants it, gets it. If no one wants it, I'll try selling it on eBay.


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