10 December 2005

Hat 2

I started secret santa hat number 2. Last year I made a hat using the coronet pattern on knitty.com. I decided to make similar hat, but with just the basic left cross cable.
I thought this hat would be a good exercise for me as it requires grafting using the kitchener stitch as well as picking up and knitting stitches, two things I need to practice.

The grafting went pretty well considering there were knit, purl, and cabled stitches to align.

The picking up and knitting went even better. I'm finally really getting the hang of it. The purl side attached to the right side of the cabled band because the band will be flipped up to knit side when it is finished.

Now that the difficult parts are finished, I expect this hat will go very quickly. Perhaps one could even finish it while in labor. (hint, hint, Baby!)


At 8:52 AM, Blogger June said...

You did a good job on the graft and picking up. Practice makes perfect!

That said, some things (for me) are not worth grafting, eg, lace. Then I just do a 3-needle bind-off. It shows a little, but that is OK with me because it's finished and flexible.

At 6:05 PM, Blogger Emily said...

It looks great!

Hopefully the baby comes soon!

At 9:39 PM, Anonymous diana said...

Wow, the hat looks great!


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