03 November 2005


Remember that Shelridge Farm sock yarn and celtic braid pattern I got at Sheep and Wool? Well, sock one has been started. The pattern says the experience level is "with gusto". Perhaps it should be "with dexterity" instead. I've had a few near accidents as I try to manipulate the cable needle to make this awesome braid pattern.

This is the first sock I've made starting from the top down. I really like the toe-up method, but am intrigued to see how top-down works. So far it's not so bad, but I'll check back in once I get to the heel.


At 12:26 PM, Anonymous June said...

Making great progress! Have you tried cabling without the needle? (I find the extra needle slows me down.)

At 6:13 PM, Anonymous diana said...

So cute. Hmm, June's words intrigue me. How do you cable without the needle? Must do web search.


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