17 October 2005

It was all good

Despite all my predictions of foul weather, the yarn gods came through and Sunday was a beautiful day in Rhinebeck. This year my mom and sister came with me (and my husband too). I taught my sister to knit a few years ago and my mom just last April (she's wearing a beautiful shawl she knit). We met up with friends Bia (who taught me to knit) and her husband Matt. We had a blast fondling exquisite yarn and eating fattening food while the guys enjoyed activities such as Pumpkin Chucking. We even saw a Leicester Longwool sheep. It was for sale, but sadly, by the time I saw it, it was sold. Here's a picture of us getting acquainted.

As for the loot, well, I had to be good this year and not go crazy. I did buy this lovely apricot colored sock yarn and a celtic braid pattern. I'm very excited for this project. One advantage to having my mom with me was that she was looking to do some Christmas shopping. All I had to do was declare my love for some yarn, sigh loudly, and walk away and my mom would join me later carrying some packages. Thanks, mom! But of course I've already forgotten everything and it will all be a pleasant surprise on Christmas.


At 12:22 PM, Anonymous grumperina said...

Oh yeah, that's really lovely! I think that sock pattern is very unique, and will be fun to work up!

At 1:49 PM, Anonymous June said...

Wow, can I borrow your mom? :D

I'm amazed by the photo of the three of you - everyone looks very different from each other!

At 10:15 PM, Anonymous diana said...

Yay for moms! Nice haul :)

At 7:58 PM, Anonymous Nicole said...

I had a wonderful time with you, Jennifer. It was fun that the girls got to spend such quality time together. Tess and Snowball love the catnip mouse I purchased and have been taking turns leaving their saliva all over it. Perhaps this will help them become intimately familiar with each other's scent. How are Derwent and Darby enjoying their mousie?


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