05 February 2009

Winter blahs

Recently I was feeling the frustration of having 2 small children in the winter. Going outside to play is often not an option, particularly with a baby, and tensions tend to run high. And of course getting ready to out anywhere also takes so much longer. I think it is easier to stick a cat in a carrier to go to the vet than to put a toddler in a winter coat when he doesn't want to.
Then I thought of all the things I like about winter (in no particular order):
ice skating
snow days
hot cocoa
knitting with wool (not that I don't at other times of the year, but it's more cozy in the winter)
wearing wool (I am currently wearing my green hooded pullover and conwy socks)
shoveling (at least the first couple of times and mostly when it is light and powdery)

Feeling better about winter I pulled on my snow boots, bundled myself and Nat (Owen was at school), and went for a walk. This was last Thursday and it was the morning after a snow/sleet storm. I was walking past this old mill building when an avalanche of snow fell off the roof on top of us.
We're fine. Amazingly we escaped with only cuts and bruises and a sore back for me since that I bore the brunt of the snow and ice falling on us. Two really nice men who saw it happen helped us out and called for an ambulance. The experience was horrendously terrifying. All I can say is ROLL ON SUMMER!


At 8:34 AM, Blogger Emily said...

Wow. That's a lot of snow. I'm glad you are both OK.

At 9:15 AM, Blogger June said...

Holy crap! Glad you and the baby are OK. Jeeze.

Your story reminded me of something that happened when I was an undergrad. I was walking past a building, about 5 paces behind someone, when a gigantic chunk of concrete (like the size of a bowling ball) came hurtling down from... a roof? It just skimmed past the head of the guy in front of me. He stopped dead and bent down to pick up the concrete chunk. We both looked around to see if someone had thrown it (it had come at an angle, not straight down), but we didn't see anyone. I remember asking if he had an enemies. Scary as hell.


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