06 November 2008


This post is in response to a reader's question about the dinosaur hat I made, specifically how I used my heel flap knowledge to turn the hood. The pattern does tend to be awkwardly worded.

Where it says "Rejoin yarn to [c]enter 12 stitches, and continue working for about 18 rows..."
is where instead I ignored the previous directions of binding off the side stitches and began using short rows. Basically you are starting with all active stitches divided into three sections. I do not remember how many stitches you have at this point, but you should have 12 in the center and an equal number (18?) on each side (remember this doesn't include the seed stitch borders). You will now "grab" a stitch from each of side sections until they are gone.
(row 1)With the right side facing, first knit across the first 2 sections. At the 12th stitch, knit 2 together (the last stitch of the middle section and the first stitch of the next section).
(row 2)Then turn the work and purl back and at the last stitch of the middle section purl 2 together.
Turn and repeat the last 2 rows until all the side section stitches are used up. You'll see that the side sections will naturally turn up and make a hood.

Here's what the end result looks like with the side and middle sections denoted.
Good luck! I hope this helps and if you have any more questions please give me your email address.


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