02 April 2009

Project update

Sorry for the long absence, but I haven't finished anything in a while.

For those of you who guessed that I was starting the Estes Vest from IK Fall 2008, you were correct! Unfortunately, I haven't gotten very far. Lately I haven't felt like knitting anything that requires much concentration.
I have been working a lot of the mystery blanket that I started last summer. I only have 4 more squares to knit before the weaving begins. My progress is largely due to a Wednesday night knitting group that just started (thanks Annie!). I will finish it in time for next winter, if only to keep my husband from complaining about how cold he is while sitting on the couch.

However, all my works in progress might have to be dropped because I just got home from my LYS, which is having an anniversary sale.
I'm afraid most of what is in that bag is a secret for now, but I can show you this:
I'm super excited to knit the Vintage Vest.


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