26 April 2006

Stuck in the middle

I recently read a passage in a book where the phone rings and the doorbell rings at the same instant, and the character, who has been eagerly awaiting both, can't decide which to go to and ends up going for both at the same time and ends up splayed on the floor between the two actions, unable to do either. I feel like this is happening to me, only I am splayed out between knitting projects. I am trying to stay dedicated to my sweater, but at the same time, the stash calls. And I just ordered some more yarn online. Some are projects that will be gifts for people that I really ought to start, and then I want to knit something for Owen, which I haven't done since he was born. Oh, and there are many sweaters I would like to knit for myself. I came close to starting something new the other night, but then I made myself start a sleeve for my sweater. I finished it last night (it's 3/4 length in case you think I have freakishly small arms).

Now I am halfway done with the sweater. Does this mean I can take a break from it and start something else? Or should I push through and try to finish the sweater so that I might get a chance to wear it before it gets too hot? I also having been saving the most fun part of the sweater for last (the lace v neck) in order to entice me towards finishing it.

Just picture me lying on the floor between my stash and the sweater trying to do both at once and accomplishing neither.


At 12:46 PM, Blogger Emily said...

I've definitely been having trouble avoiding starting new projects lately. If you want to start something new, do it. The sweater will still be there next year. And you'll probably be more interested in it if you take a little break.

At 4:40 PM, Blogger Emily said...

Do you have a new email address? The email I sent to the address I have for you bounced back. I'll probably be there sometime around 11:00 am. Does that work?

At 8:00 AM, Anonymous diana said...

You can't wear that sweater until next fall anyway. Just put it down and pick up something new :)


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