22 April 2006

Harlot's in town

Just got back from hearing the Yarn Harlot speak at the Webs hosted event.
She did not disappoint (and I was glad to have figured out the sound box so people could actually hear her speak -- yep, I flipped the on switch)! She was wise, witty, and very funny. One thing I really love about knitting is how universal it is. When you meet fellow knitters or join a knitting group, you have this sense of belonging to large extended family, or maybe a secret club (or both). You could see it in the room full of nodding heads as we listened to Stephanie. Yes, we are all athletes!

Back at Webs after the talk, I joined the long line to have Stephanie sign my books. I bought all three (I've only read the first, having gotten a bit behind in my reading lately). I met this nice woman, Karen, in the long line. She knits and spins and supposedly has a blog too...
Her husband nicely took this picture of me and Stephanie.


At 7:59 AM, Anonymous diana said...

Yay! What a fun time!


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