04 June 2008

Covered back

Being pregnant with my second child, I find myself thinking quite a bit about what Owen was like as a baby and what I will do differently this time now that I have experience. For one thing, this baby will take naps in the crib! I admit I was a wimp and consequently Owen was terribly spoiled and got to have long feeding/snoozing sessions rather than naps in the crib.

One thing that I didn't like about breast feeding in public, or at least not in the privacy of my home, was back exposure. I felt that lifting my shirt up wasn't so much of an issue because I was holding my baby and usually a blanket so my breasts and belly were pretty well covered. But my poor back was exposed, which brings me to my latest knitting project: Blue Sky Alpacas' Pleated Vest. I think this will be the perfect solution to my problem. Cardigans would work too, but I think the vest will be nice for the summer in air conditioning and early Fall. I'm using Cascade Eco Wool, which I'm finding lovely to work with.

That picture isn't too exciting, but here are some nice pictures from the MA Sheep and Woolcraft Fair, which I went to on Memorial Day Weekend.
Nice, fluffy angora rabbit.

Owen and David making a yarn octopus.

Ninja sheep!


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