24 April 2008


I'm suddenly finding myself with 2 months to go with this pregnancy and so much knitting to do, both for my baby and friends' babies. I doubt I'll get much knitting time in after the baby is born so I feel very time pressured to finish all my projects. Luckily baby stuff is usually pretty quick to knit.

For a while now I have been working on and off on an Anouk pinafore dress for a friend's baby. Ironically, this friend was my college roommate and she and I are both due on the same day. Kind of freaky. Obviously she knows she is having a girl.

I just cast on for the Pompom Papoose from Knitting for Two for my baby.
I thought this cotton yarn in nice summery colors would be perfect to keep Baby warm enough in air conditioning this summer.


At 4:52 PM, Blogger June said...

Look at you! :)

I've given up on knitting deadlines. I get enough stress already!


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