05 May 2009

Ravelry is not a toy!

This adorable 3-year-old boy happens to be a computer menace. He already has mastered the mouse and has recently graduated from the Jump Start toddler computer game to the preschool version. I just discovered that on Sunday night, shortly after returning home from a weekend trip, Owen found himself not being watched by his distracted parents for a few minutes and managed to LOG ONTO MY RAVELRY ACCOUNT. It appears he left a few blank comments and messed with my queue. I just had to delete a few items and the order is all different. GAH!
I think that is all he did before being discovered but let me apologize if you happened to be the recipient of a blank comment from me. That'll teach me to save passwords on the computer. Sheesh.


At 9:04 AM, Blogger Mara said...

Pretty impressive! Good work, Owen. Clearly comp sci runs in the family!

Sethie is a complete computer menace, too. I usually leave my email open on our computer and he's sent people a few incomprehensible messages before. He also broke our monitor and we had to go buy a new one. Kids! Oy!

At 6:59 PM, Anonymous diana said...

That stinker! I haven't seen you in ages. We need to bring our stinkers together so that they can make some mischief together. xo


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