25 May 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

Of course, around here in western Massachusetts, Memorial Day weekend means the MA Sheep and Woolcraft Fair. The family and I headed over yesterday for a couple of hours. We all were very excited to see the sheepdog competition. We also spent lots of time watching our wool producing friends.

I seriously do not need any more yarn right now, but of course I couldn't resist this:It's from Sojourner Design.

I think I mentioned before that I've been going to a knitting group that meets on Wednesday nights. My most portable project was the Elizabeth Zimmermann mystery blanket squares (started last summer). Well, knitting this project regularly paid off and I now have the needed 24 squares.
The next step is to weave them all together. Sadly, the project is no longer portable, but I did manage to weave 8 squares together already. A third of the way there!


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