30 December 2006

Good gifts and bad

Santa didn't forget the furry members of the family this year.

Pattern: Mouse 1 and Mouse 2
Yarn: leftover Cascade 220
Needles: size 5
As you can see, they were a hit.

The next item is not a handknit, but a gift to my mom from one of her students. It has prompted me to provide this public service announcement:
Unless you know your child's teacher really really well and know for a fact that she likes to wear dickies, do NOT buy her a dickie as a Christmas present. Especially an extra large dickie with armholes and her name embroidered on the turtleneck. The embroidered name is especially evil as it limits the pool of candidates for regifting.


At 8:03 PM, Blogger Siobhlogger said...

whoa...i can only hope it never crosses my mind to give a monagrammed dickie as a gift.

At 3:55 PM, Anonymous diana said...

That monogrammed dickie is priceless. Your mom should frame it.


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