05 July 2005

Cat approved progress

Progress has been made on the cardigan! My blog silence of the past few days was a result of my preoccupation with knitting. As you can see from the picture, one of the side panels is complete and resting on the also completed back. They even match up! I have started on the second panel.

I know I mentioned that this yarn is full of nubbly goodness and has a nice texture, but today it passed the ultimate test of yarn comfort: Derwent the cat. Derwent loves to sit on my lap while I am knitting, which I allow her to do as long as she behaves (i.e. no yarn swatting or needle biting). She enjoys kneading the skein, which is very cute. Her favorite yarn so far is Plymouth Iniecita Alpaca. I'm using the yarn for a scarf/hat/mittens set that is currently on the back burner. If I do not put this yarn away in a secure place such as a bag that zips or a container that snaps shut, she will find it, get it out, and chase it all over the floor with sometimes horrifying results. You might think a plastic bag that has been folded shut is safe, but you'd be underestimating Derwent. Today Derwent stole an opportunity to take a nap on the cardigan pieces and decided she likes the nubbly goodness very much indeed.


At 5:30 PM, Anonymous June said...

Kitty tested and approved! Mine never want to sit and knit with me. I guess I knit too low in my lap.

At 8:00 PM, Anonymous grumperina said...

You'll be done with the cardi really soon! It looks great, the photo doesn't do it justice. I'm glad to see that kitty likes it, too :).

At 3:15 PM, Anonymous Diana said...

Much progress. Cute cat!


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