30 June 2005

Summer of the Cardigan

One thing that I was worried about in maintaining a knitting blog was that I wouldn't always have interesting things to talk about. Interesting knitting things, that is. You see, I am a slow knitter. I have been knitting away at my cardigan panel since taking the picture a couple nights ago and it's only a few inches longer. Nothing interesting has happened. No arm decreases even.

I did think it would be interesting to show some yarn I recently purchased though. I'm intending this yarn for a baby cardigan/bootee set. This summer will be the Summer of the Cardigan. Last summer was the Summer of the Sock. Yes, I spent the entire summer knitting my husband a pair of socks. In my defense, he does have large feet! Also, I blame British Airways for not allowing me to bring my knitting on the plane to and from Heathrow. That was 12+ hours of precious knitting time wasted (I have since learned not to ask and just bring it on board).

But back to the Cable Cotton yarn... I can hear it calling to me from the stash basket as I grow bored of knitting the cardigan for myself. Knitting a baby sized cardigan should go so much faster. I will probably start it soon. I just love the idea of a baby in denim colored yarn. So cute! The baby in question is my own, due to arrive some time in December. I have chosen not to find out the gender ahead of time. My idea is to purchase gender specific buttons for the cardigan once the baby is born.


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